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Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, Ph.D. in Law, Professor, State Presidents’ Responsibility in some European States with a special view on the Romanian Constitutional System
This article assesses an issue of present interest regarding the contemporary public law, namely it argues about the presidents´ responsibility seen from the perspective of constitutional provisions of some States members of the European Union, as well as from the viewpoint of the Romanian constitutional regime, which assumed, to a certain extent, the example of other European countries.

Thus, provisions of the Romanian Constitution of 1991 on the two forms of responsibility of the person vested with the highest office in the State, namely a political responsibility, qualified by the administrative jurisprudence as a disciplinary and administrative responsibility, and, respectively, a criminal responsibility, revised on the occasion of the constitutional revision of October 2003, has been the object of numerous appreciations in the Romanian jurisprudence.

The interest in the suspension from office of the Romanian President followed by his dismissal approved through referendum was revigorated during spring 2007 as a consequence of the approval, by a large number of members of Parliament more than the absolute majority required by article 95 of the Constitution, of the proposal to suspend the President, but the result of the referendum has not confirmed the will of the parliamentary majority.
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