Part IV

Dana APOSTOL TOFAN, PhD. Professor, University of Bucharest, Access to the Judge in the area of Urban Planning
This paper shortly presents tools available in order to get access to justice in the area of urban planning, area which became comprehensive in Romania, especially after 1989. Even though urban planning law represents a newly formed legal branch developed from administrative law, during the last two decades it became more and more important, taking into consideration the developments of constructions’ sector, both in rural and urban areas. The presentation refers to the most important provisions of the Law on local public administration no.215/2001, republished, regarding the competence of local council in the area of urban planning. The main aim of this research is dedicated to the possibilities foreseen by the Romanian Constitution and legislation in order to ensure a legal control in administrative justice regarding urban planning activities.

Keywords: urban planning law, local council, mayor, county council’s president, construction licence, prefect, lawfulness judicial control, administrative justice
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