Part IV

George- Cristinel ZAHARIA, PhD. Candidate, Reader, University of Craiova, Human Trafficking in the New Criminal Code
Human trafficking, especially the one that regards women and children, represents a serious violation of human rights, such as human dignity and personal integrity. The new Criminal Code marks an evolution as regards the regulation of human trafficking offenses in our criminal law. The legislator tries to systematize these crimes, giving them for the first time a separate chapter in the broader category of offenses against the person. This chapter includes: slavery (art.209), human trafficking (art.210), children trafficking (art.211), forced or compulsory labour subjection (art.212), whoremongering (art.213), begging exploitation ( art.214), use of a minor for begging purposes (art.215) and using the services of an exploited person (art.216).

The text of the New Criminal Code, as regards human trafficking, is not protected from any criticism.

Keywords: human trafficking, slavery, whoremongering, exploitation
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