Part III

Ion DUMITRU, Ph.D. candidate, Considerations of the Guaranteed Minimum Social Pension as per Government Emergency Ordinance no. 6/2009
The guaranteed minimum social pension, implemented from April 1, 2009, is a first for the Romanian security system. The purpose of this benefit is to reduce poverty and improve living standards for the eldery. Establish guaranteed minimum social pension is justified by the existence of a significant number of public system pensions, the level of which does not ensure that beneficiaries have a decent life and aims to prevent social exclusion for some retired public pension system, which is a disadvantaged category. As regards the legal nature of this benefit, opinions have been expressed that it is a social insurance benefit, and opinions that it is a social assistance benefit. In our case, consider the guaranteed minimum social pension is a social assistance benefit, even if current legislation is likely  to cause some confusion. Based on these, but also the first years of application experience, guaranteed minimum social pension should know a better regulation in the near future.

Keywords: guaranteed minimum social pension, poverty alleviaton, social exclusion, social assistance, benefits, pensioners, public pension system, social insurance

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