Part I

Simona CRISTEA, Restitution to the owners of property of which they were dispossessed, in Romanian Law
After the fall of communism, were adopted the laws of restitution of property excessively taken by the State, but these laws didn’t prove their efficacy, many dispositions relating to restitution by equivalent or the procedure of restitution making room for abuses, and determining the appearance of new conflicts, caused both by the late adoption of important laws (for ex., Law no. 10/2001), and by the lack of involvement of administrative authorities in the application of laws. The restitution of ownership still remains a delicat problem to be solved for years to come, because it is necessary to change not only legislative policy, but also mentality on ownership in Romania, that is to say it’s necessary to make conscience to the fact that ownership is a fundamental right of the citizen, and not a right among the others.

Key-words: ownership excessively tqken by the State, goods subjected to restitution, holders of the right to restitution, measurements of restitution, procedure
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