Part IV

The Concession of Goods from Public and Private Domain, Drd. Cătălina Georgeta MATEI, Facultatea de Drept a Universităţii din Bucureşti
This paper tries to identify the legal nature of concession as regulated by Romanian Law in comparison to other European legal systems. The features of the right to concession and those of the concession (lease) contract have been disputed both by civil and administrative law. Nevertheless, it is important to define the boundaries between the public and the private domain and to answer the question whether it is still necessary to distinguish between them. The paper attempts to suggest an answer also by guiding the reader through the origins of these institutions and their historical meaning.
Taking into account the need of complex analyses, the paper is divided in two parts: the first part underlines the institution of concession, while the second leads to the complementary notions of goods from public and private domain.

Key-words: concession agreement, public property, public domain, private domain, legal nature of the concession right

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