Part II

Fabian NICULAE, Ingrid POPA-MOCANU, Ramona POPESCU, Methodes of european construction and constitutionalisation of the European Union, European Summer University of Montpellier – the sixth edition
The topics of the European Summer University, organized under the aegis of CERCOP within the Faculty of Law from the University of Montpellier I, under the scientific coordination of professors D. Rousseau and J. Roux brought into question the two major processes: the formation and evolution of the European Union and the methods used for European construction – the method of intergovernmental cooperation and the method of supranational integration which combined can give rise to a third method – the Community method and the process of constitution¬nalisation of the Union and Community law that opens the possibility of a European social body – the community of citizens which may lead to a change in the legal nature of the Union. One of the possible solutions for the future that resulted from discussions at the institutional level was the creation of a bicameral parliament in which a variant would be composed of current Council and the current Parliament, and in another variant of the national parliaments and elected representatives of citizens.

Keywords: methods of European construction, constitutionalisation, institutional structure, human rights, European Parliament

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