Part III

Mădălina-Elena Mihăilescu, Ph.D. candidate, University of Bucharest, Assistant Professor, Dunărea de Jos University of Galaţi, Administrative – Contraventional Sanctions. New Aspects of Doctrine and Jurisprudence
As a social and legal phenomenon, liability results both in the self-regulation of the social system and in the disapproval of the de-regulating deed in view of rectifying the future attitude of its perpetrator and enhancing her/his responsibility.

The misdemeanour and the corresponding liability are both institutions of administrative law concerning the activity of natural persons as well as the activity deployed by authorities of public administration, other public authorities, economic operators and public institutions, whether they have state character or not.

This paper presents the most important sanctions for misdemeanours, main and complementary, analysing not only theoretical aspects, widely debated upon, but also questions which arise in practice, such as different visions of courts on issues related to the application of such sanctions.

Keywords: administrative liability, misdemeanour, punishment, illicitness

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