Part I

Professor Stanley L. PAULSON, Department of Philosophy and School of Law, Washington University in St. Louis, Hans KELSEN
This paper offers an insight of the main thesis in Hans Kelsen’s work while trying to sketch out the terms of the major debates raised by these assumptions in the field of legal theory. Departing from a contextualization of Kelsen’s thought and taking in to account their reception, the paper focuses on the formulation of the strong normative thesis and the place of the transcendental argument in Kelsen’s writings. While keeping track of the critiques opened by these issues, the paper brings into fore the analysis of weak normative thesis built upon Kelsen’s antinaturalism.

Keywords: normativity theory, the "strong" normativity thesis, the "weak" normativity thesis, obedience to law, autonomy of the law, antinaturalism, pure theory of law
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