Summer Law Program in US Corporate and Business Law

For more than 2 decades the Delaware Campus of Widener University School of Law and the law school’s Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law have offered graduate education in United States Corporate Law and Finance. Widener Law’s nationally recognized graduate program in corporate law offers specialized study for accomplished professionals and recent graduates who want to enhance their careers.

Widener University School of Law is acutely aware that an understanding of United Sates corporate law is an essential component of legal education and practice in an increasingly interconnected world, and the challenges presented by globalization to lawyers and their clients.  As part of our effort to provide this essential education we have instituted the Widener Summer Program in United States corporate and business law. The three week summer program, now in its third year is designed for law students and  practicing attorneys  around the world who seek an understanding of the workings of American corporate law.

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Data publicării: 04.05.2013

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